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Match You.

Adjustable height tables and desks for every office and workspace. With over 340,000 style combinations, you can be sure that your Adjustable Surface fits in with your workplace and your lifestyle.

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Built to Work.

Our surfaces are made to be used. Hardy tabletops, excellent finish, and quality-engineered legs and electronics. We use only the best components to deliver you the highest quality adjustable height table.


Proudly manufactured
in West Michigan.

Out, Standing.

Having an Adjustable Surface gives you the freedom to sit or stand while working. Higher productivity, less back pain, and a healthier lifestyle come from just 45 minutes of standing at an adjustable desk.

Create Your Surface.

Whether you’re shopping for just yourself or for the whole office, we’ll get you a quote on the adjustable table that fits you and your lifestyle.

An Adjustable Surface is a sit-to-stand table solution that goes beyond added health benefits. Your custom-built adjustable desk is made to fit your workspace, no matter what your style. Contemporary, classic, city-inspired; we’ll make sure it fits you.

Live Adjustably.

Adjustable tables and desks are key pieces in today’s workplace. And not just any adjustable table will do. You need a sturdy, quality piece of adjustable height office furniture that works for a lifetime.

Best Quality Adjustable Tables

What you need is a permanent, long-lasting adjustable height solution. Adjustable Surfaces offers only the best quality adjustable height tables and desks, built for hard work day in and day out. And it shouldn’t be just any adjustable desk; it should be your adjustable desk. Customize your own sit-to-stand table or convert your desk into an adjustable height desk. We make sure you’re able to make it your own.

Why Adjustable Height Furniture

The benefits of owning an adjustable height table are too good to pass up. Take the typical 9-to-5 workday: researchers have shown that standing for even just 45 minutes out of each workday can improve focus and productivity. Adjustable tables and desks give you the freedom to sit or stand at your desk whenever you want. Imagine the things you could do in an adjustable office filled with adjustable height tables and desks. The possibilities are practically endless.

We stand by our adjustable surfaces. Literally. Adjustable Surfaces believes in the power of adjustable tables and desks to change your workspace. We use them every day. When you convert your table into an adjustable height table, you’re giving yourself a more productive environment to work in. It’s worked wonders for us, and we think it’ll do the same for you. When you think adjustable height tables and desks, think Adjustable Surfaces.

Office Furniture for Better Health.

The human body is not designed to thrive in a setting where it’s forced to sit all day. Many researchers and ergonomists have come up with a variety of ways to avoid the negative effects of sitting in front of a computer or at a phone for 8+ hours every day.

Adjustable Surfaces Are Good For You

By far, adjustable height tables and desks are the best solution. Sit-to-stand tables and standing desks give you better posture and prevent back pain. Your neck and shoulders also benefit from using adjustable height furniture. While many chairs are ergonomically designed to help with posture, it’s just not as good as having the option to stand while working.

Moving With Your Adjustable Height Table

There’s a reason why design studios, software development firms, and other creative people swear by adjustable height furniture. Working at an adjustable desk means you’re able to move around more. Working at an adjustable height table ensures that you can work to your fullest potential.

We move our adjustable desks up and down throughout the day. Using a standing desk in the morning gives you a great burst of energy. When you need a break, simply move your adjustable desk back down. Afternoons are just the same; adjustable desks and tables allow you to work to your fullest potential. Higher energy and productivity from your adjustable table is the best thing you can give your workspace.

Eliminate back pain, fatigue, and boredom with an adjustable height desk. Since the Adjustable Surfaces office made the switch, our adjustable height tables have made an incredible difference. We love working at our adjustable tables, and we think you will, too.