Choose the Adjustable Surface that out-moves all the rest!

The world’s first patent-pending dual-lift cylinders allow ANY STOP at ANY HEIGHT. Adjustable memory stoppers set up the most comfortable height for you and memorize the position. The completely silent adjusting won’t disturb others around you.

deskplus+ M-type



The M-Type series delivers a single platform design. Simplistic in form but delivering plenty of space for keyboard and monitor. The M-Type easily fits most smaller surfaces for an economical conversion to adjustability.

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deskplus+: E-Type



The E-Type features a two-tier design. An upper surface with enough space for monitor and speakers and a lower surface for a full size keyboard and mouse. Both tiers raise together for a completely adjustable work space that requires a minimal footprint. This slimmer design works well on narrower work surfaces.

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deskplus+ S-Type



The S-Type features a two-tier design with a larger footprint and the most available space on both tiers. The S-Type is ideal when extra surface area is needed for an additional monitor or speakers. The lower tier easily accommodates a full size keyboard, mouse pad and documents.

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Deskplus+ Types

deskplus+ is available in three design types and in either black or white. All three designs sit right on top of your current work station for an easy transition to an immediate sit-to-stand solution.

Time to Take a Stand

Sitting all day has been proven to cause many health issues:

  • back pain
  • neck and arm pain
  • higher cholesterol
  • heart problems
  • insulin imbalance

By simply standing, you burn about 20 more calories per hour versus sitting. Research has shown that reducing the time you sit each day can increase life expectancy up to 2 years!