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You’ve got your office. You’ve got your style. Now take your current décor to the next level by making your tables and desks Adjustable Surfaces.

Retrofitting your table is easy and affordable, and most workstations have the ability to be transformed into sit-stand tables or desks.

How to Retrofit Your Workstation in 7 Easy Steps:

See How Easy It Is

It really is quick and easy to turn your workstation into an Adjustable Surface. We chose one lucky coworker and gave their desk a sit-to-stand makeover. Watch the featured timelapse or walk through the process step-by-step to see for yourself.

Step 1: Prep

Let’s get started! You’ll need a power drill, a screwdriver, your Adjustable Surfaces Leg Kit, and a suitable workstation to retrofit. If your table or desk has privacy panels, make sure that you’re able to remove them. Ideally, they’ll be attached by only a joist or a small metal tab. Confirm that any shelving or drawers attached to your workstation are removable.

Step 2: Disassembly

Remove the screws holding your surface down to your workstation and set your surface aside. Your Adjustable Surface won’t be able to operate with privacy panels or heavy shelving or drawers attached to it, so remove the remaining components from your original workstation and discard them.

Now is a good time to do all that cleaning you’ve been putting off: wipe down the surface and vacuum around your workstation.

Step 3: Align One Leg

Lay your surface upside-down on the floor of your workspace. If you have hard flooring, be sure to lay your surface down on a sheet to prevent scratching.

Begin aligning the first leg by laying it foot-side-up and centering it front-to-back on your surface. Position the bracket of the leg several inches in from the lateral edge of your surface and take note of the measurement.

Step 4: Align the Other Leg

Set the support bars inside the first leg and begin positioning the second leg. Your second leg should match the positioning of the first. Once centered and spaced accordingly, slide the support bars into the second leg in order to connect both legs.

If you are retrofitting an L-shaped surface with a three-leg kit, align and connect your small corner leg before aligning and connecting your third leg. For C-style legs, make sure the longer portion of the feet point inward, toward where you would sit or stand at the desk.

Step 5: Hardware

Using the included hardware and a screwdriver or power drill, begin securing your leg kit to your surface according to the instructions. Note that your surface will likely need pilot holes drilled in order for the hardware to secure your surface. Make sure each screw is snug and double check the stability of the legs.

Step 6: Controller Installation

Take your Simple or Deluxe Controller and position it along the front edge of your surface. Your controller is able to shift backward and forward to become more or less visible, so be sure to align it accordingly. Drill pilot holes and secure the controller with the included hardware.

Take the power module and center it  beneath the surface between the support bars for the legs. Drill pilot holes and secure the power module with the included hardware.

Step 7: Zeroing & Wire Management

Connect each leg to the power module, using the included components to manage any excess length of wire. Connect the controller to the power module, again managing any hanging wire.

Hold off on plugging your workstation into power until you are able to turn it right-side-up. Be careful and find a partner to help you flip it upright—our quality legs can be heavy!

Once upright, reposition your surface to the correct place in your workspace and plug the power module into power. You may hide the wire, but remember to leave enough slack to allow your Adjustable Surface to, well, adjust.

Zero your surface by holding down on your controller for several seconds or until the motors stop firing.

Congratulations on Your New Adjustable Surface!

Return your workstation to a suitable height and get back to work!

Just kidding. Now is a good time to test your surface to make sure it raises and lowers correctly. For any troubleshooting, consult the instructional booklet included.

For Deluxe Controllers, you are now able to program your custom height settings by raising or lowering your surface, holding the “S” key, and pressing the program number.

Your Adjustable Surface is complete!

Upgrade Your Workflow.

Sit-to-stand desks and tables give you more productivity and fewer health risks. Standing just 45 minutes out of each day can help to reduce heart disease and back problems.

It’s about time you made the adjustment. Our Adjustable Surface legs are built to last a lifetime and ship free to anywhere in the continental United States.

2-Leg Frame


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Product Description

Height-Adjustable legs and frame.

Additional Information

Leg Color

Black, Silver, White

Leg Shape

Square, Round

Foot Shape

C-Style Feet, T-style Feet

Foot Size

24″, 30″


2-Key Handset, Digital Handset


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