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The Uncomfortable Truth About Sitting at a Desk All Day

Apart from obesity, sitting all day can cause all sorts of health problems, as well as constant pain in your back, neck and arms.

The Uncomfortable Truth About Sitting All Day, Back and Neck Pain can Result. Why adjustable tables help -

A Sedentary Life Causes Health Problems

It has also been attributed to health problems, including higher cholesterol, heart problems, insulin imbalance and more.

Muscles go through a metabolic change when you’re sedentary, and even 1 hour of daily exercise cannot compensate for negative health effects of too much sitting.

The infographic below highlights important information about the dangers of sitting all day.

Or read more in this great article by Vox¬†“Sitting all day is really bad for you. Here’s why.”

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An Adjustable Desk is the Answer

Reducing the time you sit each day to 3 hours, can increase life expectancy up to 2 years!

Adjustable tables and desks allow you to stand comfortably, at the perfect height for you. Or, when you need to sit, you can lower the table, again to the perfect height for your chair.

When the table is raised, you can even use portable exercise equipment with it, such as a small elliptical machine or stair stepper. Add extra movement, and burn extra calories, while you work!

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